Search Engine Optimization

Looking to generate more organic traffic to your website? We know what makes search engines tick and we work diligently on over 300 ranking factors that help rank your website higher than your competitors on Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Increase Traffic

Our highly-targeted campaigns help bring in quality traffic that is more likely to convert… since your site is exactly what they were searching for.


Outrank Your Competition

There are over 300 ranking factors for Google alone, do you think your competitors are hitting all of them? We’ll help you beat out the competition and dominate search!


White-hat Techniques

Some SEO companies use shady techniques that can actually harm your site! Our tactics are for companies that are looking for steady, secure, reliable growth.



What we do is not magic. There’s no “hidden secret” to SEO. It takes time, consistency, and knowledge of the ever changing SEO landscape. We’d love to share what we do with you!

Safe SEO Techniques

SEO is not an overnight process: white-hat SEO takes time to develop, but once it get’s going… it’s very hard to stop.

All of our techniques are approved by Google and won’t ever harm your website in the future. We’d love to discuss what we do to help increase organic traffic with you… it’s no secret, we love transparency, and we’d like you to know exactly what we’re doing. Our goal is to help you grow each and every year so you stay with us for a very, very long time.

SEO Case Study for a Seasonal Company

Branding 8 has seen long-term consistent growth of Organic traffic year over year from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Notice the growth in both the off-season and on-season traffic. Our safe, proven, SEO techniques will help drive high-quality traffic to your site.



Professional Blogging

Our staff of professional writers will research your industry, develop topics that will attract your target demographic, then craft perfectly written, SEO optimized articles to draw in traffic to your website.

Backlink Building

Links on other websites pointing to yours is a huge signal to Google that your site is important. Back in the day, it was all about quantity for SEO, but now, it’s all about quality of the links and the context in which they are in. We’ll work hard to get you the right links to help grow your traffic.

On-Site Optimization

Keywords, URL structure, META tags, headers, images, oh my! Our first step is to optimize everything we can on your website to give us the best chance of ranking well. On-site is only a small fraction of SEO, the fun stuff begins when we focus on off-site SEO factors.

Increase Social Signals

Social media is having a huge impact on how websites rank. Articles that get shares, likes and mentions on social media actually rank higher than those that don’t. We’ll help you establish your social media presence and build it over time to prove to the search engines: people love your stuff!

Keyword Optimization

Do you know what your potential customers are searching when they need your services? We’ll analyze user behavior on your site along with the monthly search volume of the actual keyword to determine optimal phrasing. Tiny variations to the exact search query could mean thousands of more visits a year.

Local SEO

Getting traffic for broad national keywords is great, but we help local businesses focus in on hyper-local phrases to help draw in traffic and beat out their competitors. Our Local SEO techniques are proven to help you show up higher in map searches… where people are looking for your business!